Everybody Plays Hometown Story Giveaway!

by Kirika on May 16th - 2014 at 06:23:45 AM in Harvest Moon News

While it’s not Harvest Moon Everybody Plays, a U.K. gaming news site, has teamed up with Rising Star Games and is holding a major giveaway for Hometown Story.

Forgotten what Hometown Story is?  It’s the life simulation, shop keeping game made by Yasuhiro Wada that lets you make friends, solve mysteries and put your hometown back on the map. Are you interested now? 

The main prize according to the site consists of 1 3DS download code for Hometown Story, 1 signed t-shirt, 1 Hometown Story plushie, and 1 official soundtrack.  The person in second will receive 1 3DS download code for Hometown Story and the soundtrack; the third runner-up will receive just a copy of the 3DS download code.

For more information on rules and how to enter please check out Everybody Play’s full list of the event

This contest is only open to legal residents of the U.K. and will be open until a minute after midnight on May 20, 2014. Good luck guys!