Lost Valley should debut in the fall

by Kirika on September 8th - 2014 at 04:16:08 PM in Harvest Moon News

Just in case you haven’t been following all the news on Natsume’s upcoming title, Harvest Moon The Lost Valley, I’ve complied some links for those looking to read up on the features, characters and storyline.

PAX 2014 Interview Natsume’s Facebook | Gamesradar | Joystick | Nintendo Life | US Gamer

You can also find additional information on CeeCee's Tumblr.

No “real” date has been set for the release, but we do know thanks to the PAX interview that Natsume is hoping to have the game on the shelves by the end of October.

Pre-orders are open on most of the shops online except of the Natsume Store; once again there will be a preorder bonus plush.  The one showing up on Game Stop is of the dog from the game. Amazon didn't say if it came with the bonus but I'm just assuming it will. Please correct me if this is wrong. 

On another note players who loved the gameplay of Hometown Story should rejoice. Natsume has released an iOS app game titled Hometown Story Pocket.  What is it?  To put it bluntly it's really just a simplfied version of the 3DS title.  However it's got some major changes...It focuses only on your shop alone and keeping your customers happy.  

Those looking to give it a try should know that the app is free to play. Though it does say something about in-app purchases when you go to install it.