Seeds of Memories?

by Kirika on June 2nd - 2015 at 05:55:40 PM in Harvest Moon News

Earlier today Natsume Inc. teased fans via social media outlets with a new logo for an upcoming game.  The image shown read, Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories.  

Currently not much is known about it yet, however, Natsume is planning on revealing more information about the upcoming game during E3 this year.  Seeds of Memories will be their second title since the break away from the Bokujou Monogatari  series in 2014. The new game will be on WiiU, ios, and PC

Also on that note, DLC for Harvest Moon The Lost Valley will be hitting again mid-June.  The DLC seems like it will include two new marriage candidates moving into Hillsville – one guy (Luke) and one woman (???).  For more information on them please be sure to check out the Natsume FaceBook page for details.