Seeds of Memories is here!

by Kirika on January 14th - 2016 at 05:55:03 AM in Harvest Moon News

Great news everyone!  Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories has been officially released in the app store as of this morning!  The game can be purchased for a total of $9.99 US currency and will take 320 MB on your device. 

Before you purchase make sure your phone or iPad is compatible with the game!  It will need iOS 6.0 or higher to run and it will work on the following devices: iPhone (5S or later), iPad, and iPod Touch (6 or later).   The shop info specifically says iPad Air 1 or later, but I have it running on an original ipad2 as well and it seems to be working just fine.

Have fun farming guys!  Here is a quick link to the app store page!