Heart Events

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Like in previous games, the eligible girls will have a series of events that play-out as you woo them.  Just like the items you give them, the choices you make will determine their love for you.  In order to marry the girl you wish you must see every one of their events in the proper order! 

Only after you’ve seen them all can you offer them the rare and extremely valuable Blue Feather.  In order to get the Blue feather the sprites will have to visit your home and tell you to come see what they’ve found.  Once you follow them home you’ll see them fighting over the Blue Feather.  Flak however, decides to end the fight by giving it to you – once he does he’ll tell you all about the tradition Forgot-Me-Not Valley about how you give it to a person you like.  As they’re walking you home they ask you if you’re always with the person you like.  You’ll tell them no, at that all the sprites agree the pretty feather is yours to keep because it must be so sad living alone.

Listed below under each bachelorettes’ name are her series of events and how to maneuver though them properly.

Heart Event

Head over to Vesta’s Farm and attempt to enter the main house.  Just as you’re about to knock the door flies open revealing a surprised and shrieking Celia.  Exiting she tells you that you scared her.  Walking passed you Celia seems to be on her way, but you follow her which causes her to say that she’s glad it didn’t rain today.  At this two options will pop up:

Option #1 – Yep.

Option #2 – Are you free now?

Select option #2.  At that Celia will ask what you have in mind. However, before you can answer Marlin comes out of the storage shed reminding Celia that she has some shopping to do.  At that Celia will apologize and tell you that she does indeed have shopping to get done.  At that another two options will appear:

Option #1 – Maybe next time.

Options #2 – Maybe I’ll go with you.

Pick option #2 and Marlin will go in a rage about how you’re only here to look for women.  Surprised and mad at him Celia will yell at him that he’s being very rude.  At Celia’s raised voice Vesta will come out asking what all the commotion is about, but is surprised when she still see’s that Celia has’t left for the shopping yet.  Disappointed in herself Celia apologizes for Vesta but is cut off by Marlin telling Vesta that it’s your fault because you stopped her from going.  At that Celia asks why Marlin is doing this while options spring up again:

Option #1 – It was Marlin’s fault.

Option #2 – I’m sorry.

Option #2 is the best bet here.   By being apologetic Celia will feel bad and tell Vesta that it wasn’t your fault at all.  With that she’ll turn to you and ask you to accompany her part of the way.  Without another word the two of you will leave the farm.

During the walk across the bridge Celia will apologize for Marlin’s behavior and try to tell you that he isn’t a bad guy and that he’s just worried about her.   Reaching ‘part of the way’ Celia will apologize for not having time to actually talk with you and requests that you come for her another time.  After that she’ll head off. 

♥ ♥ Heart Event

Exit your farm house to your surprise you’ll hear Celia asking if everyone on the farm is doring well, before heading off towards the pond.  Curious as you are, you follow her and scare her once again.  She’ll ask if you’re taking a rest there too and that if you are you need to be quiet so you don’t scare the forest friends.  At that you’ll get two options:

Option #1 – Don’t move.

Option #2 – Move.

Option #1 is the one to pick. She’ll go on to tell you that she always feels really peaceful when she’s there and that if you shut your eyes and don’t think of anything you feel really happy.  At that your character will do as she says as she asks if you feel happy.  Two options kick up:

Option #1 – Maybe so.

Option #2 – I’m not sure.

Option #1 here. At that she’ll tell you that you must have been tired and not to work too hard before taking her leave. 

♥ ♥ ♥ Heart Event

Attempt to enter the main house at Vesta’s again.  Celia will pop on out like usual but this time she’ll tell you that you’re just in time.  The weather is nice so she figured she’d head out to her favorite spot, but she wants to know if you’ll accompany her.  Again two options will appear:

Option #1 – Don’t go.

Option #2 – Go.

Choose Options 2.  At that she’ll be so happy she’ll tell you that she’s having fun already – though once you get to the spot it seems not all is right in her world as he happiness is forced and she lets a sigh escape.  The options appear:

Option #1 – If you have a problem, tell me.

Option #2 – Cheer up!

Select option #1 and Celia will tell you that Vesta wants her to have an arranged marriage, but she doesn’t want to.  Not marriage in general, just that she’d rather find someone she loves first.  However, she doesn’t want to upset Vesta by telling her that because she’s been so nice to her and just wants what she thinks is best for her. Option choices are:

Option #1 – Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

Option #2 – You have to refuse.

Tell her option #2.  After a short I don’t even have a boyfriend comment she’ll apologize and say that she shouldn’t be troubling you with her problems.  At that she takes her leave still uncertain. 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Heart Event

Enter Vesta’s Farm house at a time when Celia, Marlin and Vesta are all downstairs.  Upon entering you’ll hear Vesta tell Marlin that it has nothing to do with him. Mad Marlin remarks that nothing is his business and that he can’t believe Vesta didn’t tell him anything about Celia’s arranged marriage.  But she doesn’t let down on him, no she tells him that if she thought he would’ve been happy over the news she would have told him.

Fuming Marlin turns to Celia and asks her if she’s really going to go out with the arranged marriage guy. But Vesta tells him it’s none of his business and that there’s no way Celia would even begin to tell him honestly with him acting this way.  Just then Vesta will notice you and ask you to come over there.  At that two options will kick up:

Option #1 – Uh, I didn’t hear anything.

Option #2 – No. I have to be going.

Pick Option #1. Marlin will tell you to get out of the house – quite rudely of course, but Vesta insists that you stay.  She’s got good news – Celia is getting set up for an arrange marriage (apparently Celia didn’t tell her about how she already told you); But Marlin is upset over it.  Smiling happily over at her Vesta asks Celia what she thinks of the guy. She tells her that he’s nice and kind, but she needs time to think it over.  With that the scene ends. 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Heart Event

Leave your farm house between 5 A.M. and 6 A.M. to trigger a scene with Vesta coming to your door.  Something terrible has happened, Celia has gone missing!  In tears Vesta asks you if you happen to know anything at all. You tell her no and Vesta continues to say she just doesn’t understand what Celia has been thinking lately. 

Marlin will then appear telling Vesta that Celia wasn’t there either.  Vesta worried tells Marlin that she’ll continue to look for her, but she wants him to head back to the house in case she returns.   Marlin will do as she says, while Vesta then asks you to help look for her.  You agree.

With that sad you’ll leave the farm and check her favorite spot by the pond, sadly with no luck.  Heading home worried just as you go to walk back in you’ll notice Celia playing with your dog.

She tells you that she turned down the arranged marriage and even mustered the courage to tell Vesta.  With that said her words begin to stutter before she just tells you she loves you, but if it’s  problem for you… From here the options will kick into play:

Option #1 – I love you too.

Option #2 – I’m sorry…

Option #1 is the best choice here, by selecting it Celia and you will see each other as boyfriend and girlfriend and you’ll be able to propose to her with the blue feather later . 

If you decide to pick Option #2 Celia will feel terribly embarrassed and leave upset, her love for you will also drop a heart. 


Heart Event

Exit your house and you should run into Takakura who tells you that he wants to talk to you about something. Just as he’s about to start you’ll hear Muffy calling out, “Bad dog!”

The two of you turn to watch as your dog backs her into the barn as it barks at her.  Being the charm you are you’ll rush over and shoo your dog away from her.  Seeing you, Muffy tells you that she was so scared and that the dog just started barking at her. 

From that you’ll somehow explain that he was just trying to mark his territory. Muffy doesn’t quite understand though and asks how he knows what’s his.  Again you explain that he pee’s on his things which grosses her out. 

Takakura still standing by the house stares on with no comment to be said before walking away.  Feeling a bit uncomfortable Muffy will then apologize for interrupting the two of you and that he looked a little mad. Two options will come up:

Option #1 – Don’t worry about it.

Option #2 – He’s always like that.

Option #2 works and Muffy will go on about how scary he must be.  At that more options appear:

Option #1 – Are you hurt?

Option #2 – So what brings you here today?

Option #1 please. She’ll tell you that she’s fine and that believe it or not she loves animals, and farms too! At that she tells you that she has to get going, but maybe next time you could show her around – you agree and she takes her leave. 

♥ ♥ Heart Event

Try to enter the Bar but as you do Muffy will come out and ask you what you’re doing there. Apparently she just broke three dishes and is quiet upset over her clumsiness.  She begins to tell you how she’s always doing things like that though and she just came out to clear her head and get some fresh air.  The options appear:

Option #1 – Talk to her.

Options #2 – Go inside with her.

By picking Option #1 Muffy will feel better knowing that you’re there to talk to her.  It’s a short scene that results in Muffy walking you into the bar as she tells you to make yourself at home.  And that’s it. 

♥ ♥ ♥ Heart Event

Leave your farm house around 3 P.M. to trigger this event.  Upon exiting you’ll notice Muffy standing out by the bridge.  You’ll run over to her and she’ll turn to you.  She tells you it’s such a coincidence because she was just getting back from her old work friend’s wedding, but she tells you it wasn’t very funny.  It seemed everyone was playing catch up and when they asked her what she was doing these days they all thought it was funny that she was bartending in such a small town.

She goes on to say that it was awkward and she felt like even though she lived there most of her life, she didn’t belong and that nowadays she thinks she more cut out for life in Forget-Me-Not Valley. Two options will then appear:

Option #1 – You’re better off in the city.

Option #2 – You’re better off here.

Obviously select Option #2 for the best result. Pleased to hear you say it Muffy declares that this place is her home and will be when she’s married and living out her days as an old woman. 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Heart Event


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Heart Event


Heart Event

Exit your farm house and to your surprise Nami will be there on your farm looking over the pasture.  When you approach her she tells you not to mind her.  She’s not there to see you anyways.  At that the options will kick up:

Option #1 – You’re just going to stand there?

Option #2 – OK, do what you like.

Pick Option #2. Nami will be a bit surprised at your words, but tells you she’ll just relax a little bit.  With that you’ll see her touring the farm from the fields to the animals.   After enough rest she’ll tell you that she’s going to go home soon.  But before she does she’ll comment about how she’s jealous of you because it must be so interesting to live on a farm.  After that she takes her leave. 

♥ ♥ Heart Event


♥ ♥ ♥  Heart Event


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Heart Event


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Heart Event


If you happen to be playing the Special Edition of the game you will have one more bachelorette.  Little Lumina from the villa.  Don’t fret though; she is no more of a challenge to woo than Celia and Muffy. Lumina only has four Heart Events compared to the other girls’ five.  


Heart Event

Enter the villa at a time when Lumina is practicing the piano.  Rock and Romana seem to be listening to her play, however, Romana seems to be saddened by it telling her grand-daughter she needs to play more freely before taking her leave.  Lumina stops and gets up from the piano and tells you that lately she hasn’t been enjoying her practice time at the piano, and that she doesn’t understand what Auntie Romana wants from her.  From here two options will kick up:

Option #1 - Just work harder.

Option #2 – Just have more fun.

Select option #2 and Lumina will ask to speak with you for a minute. During the talk Lumina explains how she’s been playing the piano since she was only 3 years-old and that she never used to make mistakes and Romana would praise her over it.  Because of that she’s been feeling pressured when playing it.  But to top if off every time she’s told how great her mother was at it, she feels worse!   The very thought of a mistake upsets her and she’s afraid that she’s going to disappoint Romana as well as herself by trying to live her life up to her mother’s memory.  After a few tears, she’ll thank you for taking the time to listen to her, and because of the talk she’ll be able to enjoy playing the piano again. 

♥ ♥ Heart Event

This time enter the Lumina’s room when she’s inside.   Upon entering Lumina will greet you happily as she tells you that she was just looking at and art book that Romana gave her. At this the options will kick up:

Option #1 – With pleasure.

Option #2 – I’m busy.  Maybe some other time.

Obviously select option #1.  She tells you that the artbook is actually a book of paintings done by one of Romana’s friends and that she’s always enjoyed looking at them ever since she was a little girl because of the warmth they give off.  At this we get more options:

Option #1 – What kind of paintings are they?

Option #2 – Are the paintings of fires?

Either option you pick is fine and has no negative impact. Lumina will tell you they’re warm because they have two or more people in them.  One is a mother feeding her baby, an old man giving a ring to an old woman, and even one of two small boys fighting  over a piece of cloth!  She then goes on to tell you that just by looking at them she feels like she can understand the artists feelings as well as the people in the paintings.

From there she’ll add that there’s even one of a girl about her age having fun playing the piano with a girl a little older than her. Again more options:

Option #1 – You want an older sister?

Option #2 – You want someone to play with?

Just like last time, either option is fine. Lumina will answer yes to both.  However, she adds that ever since you’ve started visiting her she feels like she has a big brother and that it’s been really nice and that if you’d play the piano with her it would be even better.  But she knows she can’t get everything she wants, after all you’re busy on the farm.  After that she’ll thank you and see you out.

Just as she bids you farewell and you leave, she turn before heading up the steps saying, “Come again! Big brother.”

♥ ♥ ♥ Heart Event

To trigger this one enter the villa after 7 P.M.  Upon entering Sebastian will tell you that you have excellent timing because he’s thought up a new dinner menu and was just in the process of preparing it.  But that’s not all he’d like you to come taste it and give your opinion; Excitedly he will head off to the kitchen and ask you to follow.

Reaching the kitchen door, Sebastian will go in as you get side-tracked at the sound of giggling going on in Romana’s bedroom. The laughs belong to Romana while a fluster Lumina asks her if she’s really that funny.  Romana tells her no and that it’s a wonderful thing and that she can’t believe the girl is at that age already.  Surprised Lumina can’t help but wonder why it’s ‘wonderful’ when she’s in so much pain.

Before you eavesdrop anymore Sebastian calls for you right as Romana begins to explain to Lumina just what is happening with her.  He leaves the kitchen and scolds you telling you that you mustn’t listen at the door of a lady’s room.  Entering the kitchen he’ll show you the new dish and offer you to try it.  Two options will kick up:

Option #1 – Delicious!

Option #2 – It’s …terrible!

Choose option #1. He tells you it’s been such a long time since he’s made anything new and that he’s hoping the ladies will enjoy it.  But that’s not all apparently he decided to create a new dish because Lumina has inspired him.  To him she’s because more beautiful and he believes it’s because she’s in love.  At that he wonders who the lucky fellow is, but he is worried for her.  According to him they say one’s first love is an unrequited one, but he’d like hers to go well.

He then thanks you for coming and you leave without seeing Lumina or Romana.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Heart Event

To trigger the final scene with Lumina attempt to leave the Villa.  Lumina will call out to you asking you to wait.  When she catches up to you she asks you if you’d like to go to the beach with her. 

Option #1 – Sure.

Option #2 – Sorry, I’m busy.

Choose Option #1 to move forward.  As the two of you walk towards the waters Lumian tells you that you’ve really become a part of Forgt-Me-Not Valley and that she never used to come to the beach because she was always afraid of getting sunburned.  Looking out the two of you will watch the waves – she tells you it’s beautiful before she asks her main question.  “Do you remember who the first person you fell in love with was?”  This time there are three options!

Option #1 – I haven’t fallen in love yet.

Option #2 – I forget.

Option #3 – What about you?

The correct choice is Option #3. This is will get her to open up on her own feeling, even though she tells you she doesn’t quite understand them well.  According to Auntie Romana Lumina is in love, but she tells you she likes everyone in Forget-Me-Not and that they’re all interesting people, but then, there’s you too.

Continuing to talk she tells you that recently when she’s alone in her room she’s been finding herself thinking of you and that when she does there’s a tightness in her chest.  But she doesn’t understand why, since you’re the only villager in the valley that makes her feel that way.  With that said she wonders that if she had a big brother if she would feel the same way about him too.  Two options are back:

Option #1 – Sure he would.

Option #2 – I don’t think so.

Hearing that the realization hits her, but before she say much more Sebastian begins calling for her in the distance.  Making a quick getaway she bids good bye, but stops halfway and says, “Um… you’re probably wondering what this little kid is babbling about, right?  Don’t worry about it.  But, uh… Please come and visit me at the villa again.”