Special Edition

Content provided by Kirika

A year after its success on the Nintendo Gamecube Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition or Oh Wonderful Life was released on the Playstation 2.  

Unlike the regular version of the game even after you complete the storyline you will be able to play forever, if you wish it. Other changes in game-play are listed in detail below.

The U.S.  received the game in 2005. And currently the game is available to purchase through the PSN for $9.99 U.S. currency. 


In the special edition your farmer will have four different clothing options – however you cannot control them.  They will change based on the seasons.   Below are images depicting the changes.

Also depending on the gender of your child your wife's clothing may change as well. 

Another color change option goes to your free horse from Takakura.  There is no way to choose its color but in the SE you can get the default brown or you can get black. 

Also added in was an additional shipping bin.  Now beside the regular produce one there is a woven crop basket for you to place the vegetable and fruits you’ve grown on your farm in.  Takakura will take them at the same time as the animal produce and pay you via the round tin on the left.

Another major change is the fourth bachelorette who was quite popular in the first run but non-marriagable  Lumina, Romana’s granddaughter, who lives in the villa is now marriageable.  To see how to woo her visit the Bachelorettes’ page and for her heart events please visit the Heart Events page in the AWL section she will be listed last in both places.

The biggest change in the game though is the child! 

In the special edition you can have control of which child you get either a son or a daughter, but it’s forced so if you don’t do your part you’ll get the son by default.  In order to get a daughter head to the sprites home in the tree by eating one of the red mushrooms outside.  Once in head over to the three glass jars – the middle one specifically.

Now the easy part – press X until you get the little guy inside to say this: “You…win…” 

After that head over to the red harvest sprite and he’ll tell you that Mr. Pots is granting you a wish and asks what you want.  Options will kick up for either a daughter or a son.  Select the gender you wish. Be warned, you can only choose this once in the entire game there is no changing your mind later!

Some rumors also say that by marring Lumina you can also have either or – but it’s random and to be honest I’m not sure if it’s true or not.