Mineral town has five girls available to be wed. However you will not be able to marry any of them until you have all the house upgrades, the girl of choice at a red heart, and you have purchased a blue feather.




Elli is the sweet and kind girl that works as a nurse in the Mineral Town Clinic.  She seems to be crushing on the Doctor through much of the game.  She has a grandmother named Ellen and a little brother named Stu.  She goes and visits them every Wednesday when she has off work.

Birthday Spring 16th

Likes: Any flower (for all seasons except winter, since there are none, unless you own a hothouse), grapes, honey, fish, jewelry 

Rival Doctor 





Popuri is basically the girl next door literally.  She lives at the Poultry farm which is run by her older brother Rick and her mother Lillia.  She can often be seen as a crybaby and complains about her father, who left to find medicine for her mom, because he never gave her a specific job to do.  However one she gets to know you better she wants you to tell her about the big city and how she longs to see it.

Birthday Summer 3rd

Likes -  Cake, Spa-boiled Eggs, Ice Cream, Pink Cat Flowers, Toy Flowers

Rival Kai  




Ann is the tomboy out of the mineral town girls and can often be found working at the inn with her father Doug.  Ann normally does most of the cleaning around the place and she seems to really have a knack for cooking.  Like father like daughter I guess.

Birthday Summer 17th

Likes -  Spa-boiled Eggs, Flowers, Bamboo Shoots

Rival Cliff 






Karen is the daughter of Sasha and Jeff.  She doesn’t help out at the supermarket too much normally only on rainy days.  She tends to like to go to the bars on nights off and sometimes can be found by the goddess spring or the beach.  Karen could be seen as the talent of the town since she seems to be a good singer and an even better dancer!   The one down side is she is an… alcoholic.

Birthday Fall 15th

Likes  Wine, Truffles, Moondrop Flowers

Rival -  Rick 




Mary is the bookworm of the town and one of the newest to move in(though she’s been there for at least a year before) beside yourself.  Mary is the daughter of Basil and Anna and runs the local library.  On Mondays she can be found spending time with her family up in the mountains and grocery shopping with her mother.  She dreams of writing her own novel.

Birthday Winter 20th

LikesPoisonous Mushroom, Mushrooms, Bamboo Shoots, Grasses

Rival Gray