In this game most of the festivals will begin at 10am and last until 6pm. Pretty much all the festivals are held in Rose Square except the following: New Years Eve, Spring Thanksgiving Day, Opening Day, Cow Festival, Fireworks Display, The Music Festival, Moon Viewing Day, Sheep festival, Winter Thanksgiving Day, The Starry Night Festival.

* pictures will be coming soon!*


Spring Festivals:

New Years Day


When: Spring 1st

Where: Rose Square

During your first year in the game you will miss this festival!  In year two when you go to celebrate it at 6pm, you can pick one of two locations. The first place is the Inn, where you can find many of the older folks in town bringing in the New Year with a drink.  If you choose the Inn you will be offered a drink which will result in you passing out completely drunk and waking up the next day.

The second place you can pick is Rose Square.  Unlike the inn the square is filled with all the bachelors and bachelorettes, who are waiting for the dancing music to kick in.  In order to get a dance partner simply talk to the person who has the highest affection for you and ask them.  Once that’s done a little dance cutscene will begin with you and your dance partner as well as a few others couples.

*Karen will also stop by your farm at noon to show you how to dance for later!*


The Goddess Festival

When: Spring 8th

Where: Rose Square

  This festival simply celebrates the coming of spring.  In this festival all the girls in the town will be dressed up in a pink flowered dress, which they all refer to as “The Goddess Costume”.  The day before the festival, Spring 7, you'll want to find a date for the festival Anyone with a purple heart or higher can be asked.

Pick the girl want and ask to escort her to the dance. If you do this make sure you talk to them after finishing your farm chores BEFORE you head off to the square, unless you want them to be mad at you. 

After you arrive at the festival and you’re ready to dance simply talk to Mayor Thomas to get things rolling.  A dancing cutscene will be played before the screen goes black.   If you had a date normally the date will want to go someplace special with you later.

Elli – Lake in the mountains

Popuri – Beach

Mary – Flower field

Karen - Goddess Pond

Ann - ?



Thanksgiving Festival

When: Spring 14th

Where: anywhere / BTNFG is on your farm

The spring Thanksgiving is a day for guys to show their appreciation for the girl or girls of his choice.  It’s on this day that you’ll want to give cake, chocolate, or chocolate cookies to that special girl.



Local Horse Race

When: Spring 18th

Where: Rose Square

You will miss out in racing in the first year!  By the second year if you have a full-grown horse you will be able to enter the races and compete.  However if you don’t have a full-grown horse, no worries you can still show up and place some bets to help win some good items.



Cooking Festival

When: Spring 22nd

Where: Rose Square

This is a festival for you to show off your cooking skills, if you have any.  In order to compete you must make a dish using your kitchen, or you can use the hot springs for spa boiled eggs.  Though the kitchen is definitely the best choice when you have to impress the gourmet judge who rolls into town the moment the stoves and ovens heat up.



Summer Festivals:

Opening Day


When: Summer 1st

Where: Beach

This festival celebrates the first day of summer with a swimming competition on the beach.  There really isn’t much of a difference between the boy or girl version of the game.  In order to get started go over and talk to Mayor Thomas who will instruct you in the ways of swimming.  In order to move forward in the water you want to hit the “X” button.  However make sure to keep a good eye on your little health bubble above your farmers heard.  If it get’s red you WANT to hit the “triangle” button to take a few good breaths.  If you forget to breathe during the race you will get a “x_x” blue face and simply float in the water for awhile, as everyone else passes by.

If you win the festival, chances are Thomas will give you a power berry, the first time around.


Chicken Festival

When: Summer 7th

Where: Rose Square

This is your big chance to show to everyone that you have the best hen around.  The festival is basically a chicken sumo match, no lie.  All you have to do once your hen is in the ring is cheer it on.  However be careful if you cheer on when it’s too close to the edge it might walk off the ring and lose by default!

If your hen wins it will lay golden eggs, which are worth more G.


Tomato Festival

When: Summer 12th

Where: Rose Square

This is one of the best festivals ever (in my opinion).  Upon entering the square you get the option to join one of the four teams in the festival. Rick and Popuri, Manna and Duke, Ann and Doug, or May and Stu.

After picking a team the fun begins as you get the opportunity to declare war, as you throw tomatoes at the opposing team. Be careful though, while you’re pelting them, they are trying their best to get you.  Remember ducking behind the barrel could be a life saver.


Cow Festival

When: Summer 20th

Where: Yodel Ranch

If you have a full-grown cow, that isn’t pregnant you can enter her in the festival.  The day before Barely will show up in the morning to see if you’re entering.  If you say yes and pick a cow, he will take it for the day until the festival begins.

If your cow is the winner, it will start producing golden milk!


Fireworks Display

When: Summer 24th

Where: Beach

This festival doesn’t start until 6pm.  To get things started, head down to the beach to begin the festivities.  Upon arriving go ahead and talk to everyone.  (Save the person with the most affection for you last!)  After talking to everyone go talk to the girl of your choice and invite them to watch the fireworks with you.


Fall Festivals:

Music Festival


When: Fall 3rd

Where: Church

On Fall 2nd, Carter will swing by your farm in the morning to ask you to play the ocarina in the upcoming music festival.  You will be given two options.  One that you will play it. Or two that you don’t want too.  If you pick option one he will be really happy and tell you to show up at 6pm sharp.

Even if you pick the second option, he will still invite you to the festival.  Showing up at the church, you’ll want to talk to Carter when you’re ready to begin. Afterwards a small cutscene will happen where Ann and Elli will be playing the flute, Mary on the organ, Karen singing vocals, and then you playing the ocarina.


Harvest Festival

When: Fall 9th

Where: Rose Square

In this festival, you’ll want to bring something delicious to add the gigantic bronze pot in the middle f the square.  After adding your ingredient a cutscene will play out where everyone in the square gets a pot of stew.  Depending on what you put in it can either be delicious or the worst dish ever made.


Moon Viewing Day

When: Fall 13th

Where:  Mothers Hill Summit

For this festival, go to the summit after 6pm to find the girl  with the highest affection standing at the top of the peak.


Sheep Festival

When: Fall 21st

Where: Yodel Ranch

For this Barely will come stop by the day before and see if you’re going to enter.  If you have a relatively happy sheep that isn’t sheered, you can enter.

If you happen to win your sheep might start producing golden wool.



Winter Festivals:

Dog Race


When: Winter 10th

Where: Beach

Since your dog is no longer a puppy at the start of fall, you’ll want to purchase the dog ball from Won to help train for this event.

During this festival you and your dog will have to work together to win. The idea is to race to the finish, making sure your lovable pooch is following closely behind you and not getting distracted. If your dog likes you enough it should be an easy win.  If not it could be one the worst festivals ever as you run back for your dog in shame.


Thanksgiving Day

When: Winter 14th

Where: Your farm / BTNFG anywhere

For this, you’ll want to linger around your farm all day; just so any girl with a purple heart and up will be able to lavish you in gifts of chocolate and cake.


Starry Night Festival

When: Winter 24th

Where: anywhere / BTNFG your farm

For this festival, simply go to the girl who has the most affection for you and she might invite you to dine with her and her family. When the day of the festival rolls around make sure to show up at her house by 6pm for an enjoyable dinner.


New Year’s Party

When: Winter 30th

Where: Mothers Hill Summit

This festival will start at midnight on the summit.  It’s basically a chance for you to bring in the New Year surrounded by your fellow villagers as you watch the first sunrise together.