Heart Events

Content provided by MoonKittieKat and Kirika

Throughout the game as you befriend and woo the girl of your choice, you will get to witness and take part in a series of events, called heart events.  These can either help progress your relationship or break it depending on your answers. *This is not a complete listing!


To trigger this, you just have to enter the Clinic for the first time. Elli will be standing in the center of the room.  Apparently you gave yourself a cut somehow.  Elli will ask you if it hurts.  Now, you will be given two options at this point.  

Option #1 – It'll be alright.

Option #2 –Excruiciating!

Tell her it’s excruciating.  Elli will seem to be a bit surprised at first a she gives you a bandage. Now if you want to finish the event and get rid of the bandaid leave the Clinic and head towards Ellen’s.  As soon as you enter the area, Stu will be crying quite loudly.  Ran over to him and give him the bandaid.  His crying will cease and he’ll thank you.  Just then Elli will comes walking up asking him what he’s crying about and tell him that boys shouldn’t cry like that.  Noticing the bandaid, she’ll ask you why you didn’t use it.  Two options will appear again. Choose that one that says, Because I got it from you or something along those lines and the event will finish.


To trigger this event, enter the area where the clinic is located and have Elli at a purple heart.

She will be standing outside of the clinic after you walk over to her she’ll ask you how the farm is going.

Option #1 – Hard

Option #2 – Fun

Option #3 – Tiring

Pick option two to make her happy.


*sometimes this will trigger if she’s at a high purple heart too*

Once you get Elli to a blue heart, make sure to be on your farm at noon for the next 3 days unless it’s a festival day.  If you’re there, Elli will appear and tell you that “You’re working very hard. But it’s lunchtime now. I made some sandwiches.”

Not really getting a choice, you’ll eat the sandwiches she’s brought you.  However you won’t like them and Elli will automatically talk about how she’s trying to practice for her younger brother Stu.  She then asks you if you’d like to try out more of her sandwiches.

You can’t really reject her offer, unless you skip it by staying off your farm.  


 To trigger this event simply walk into the supermarket when it’s open.  A small scene will play out where Jeff is letting everyone put the items they’re taking on their tabs. Sasha eventually comes out and scolds him for and leave to go get the money from the Doctor.  Just as she leaves Duke enters and does there same thing that the Doctor just did before him.  On his way out he’ll stop nad ask you what’s wrong.

Option # 1 – Nothing.

Option #2- You should pay.

Choose option number 2 to get Karen to come out of the back.  After yelling at Duke and making him pay up, she’ll thank you. 

This event will trigger randomly when you head to the Hotsprings area, and it will automatically bring you over to the Goddess' Waterfall. Karen will walk up and ask you what's wrong. You have three options:

Option 1: "Farm troubles."
Option 2: "Love life."
Option 3: "No troubles."

Choose option 2, and she'll offer to listen to you.

One day Karen will come to your farm Moondrop seeds. Plant the flowers and after they grow, give them to Karen.


To trigger this one all you have to do is walk by the Poultry Farm after 11 a.m. The scene will open up with Popuri telling Rick she hates him and storming off into the mountains.  Once you go talk to Rick he’ll tell you that one of their hens was killed by a stray dog and that it has been Popuri’s responsibility to put it into the coop for the night.  He’ll then ask you to go get Popuri to come home .

To find Popuri all you have to do is go up to where the Goddess Pond is.  She’ll be there crying.  When you walk up to her she’ll start to talk about the hen and you will be given two choices.

Option #1 – "Well it’s over now"

Option#2 – "My Sympathies"

Pick option two to calm her down. 

Visit the Poultry Farm one day and Popuri will be outside, and a discussion will occur about her wanting to leave Mineral town.

You have two options:

Option 1: "You should stay."
Option 2: "That could be fun."

Choose option 2.


Once you get Popuri to a purple heart, she’ll visit your farm in the morning and give you an egg. Please refrain from eating it or selling it.  With the egg to complete the event you have to place it in the incubator in the chicken coop. After 3 days, it will hatch.  Make sure you name it Popuri to gain a little extra boost in her affection.  Popuri will later come to check on it and will be pleased that you named it after her. 



 To get this event rolling all you have to do is enter the inn for the first time.  Upon entry Ann will great you with a cheery grin as Doug calls you over to the counter. Once you get over there he’ll tell you that Ann is his daughter and he’ll ask you what you think of her.


Option #1- "Seems cheerful"

Option# 2 – "She’s cute"

Pick option two and it will make Doug extremely happy. Ann feeling out of the loop will then walk over and ask what you’re talking about.  Doug will brush it off as nothing while Ann introduces herself to you.

One day while passing the Inn, Ann will come storming out, yelling at her father.

Doug is bugging her about marriage, and asks if you could ever see her getting married. You have two options:

Option 1: "No, you're right."
Option 2: "Yes, I can."

Choose option 2.


 Once you have three adult chickens Ann will stop by your farm and ask you to deliver three eggs to the Inn. If you agree, you have to bring three eggs to the Inn everyday for a week before 5pm. You'll get 450g for the three eggs. You must bring them everyday, not including festival days, otherwise the event will stop. If your chick just grew into a hen it will take a day or two to start laying eggs, so make sure you keep a couple handy from the very first day (when she asks) just in case.


To trigger this simply go to the Library on any day of the week except for Monday, because it's closed then. She's talking to herself and when you approach and talk to her you have two options:

Option 1: "I'd like to read a book."
Option 2: "What are you writing?"

Either seem fine, but go with option 2.


This event will happen at the Library again, go there on any day besides Monday and she'll greet you by the door, asking why you're there. You have two options:

Option 1: "Just dropping by."
Option 2: "I came to read a book."

Pick option 2.

For this event she'll visit your farm and give you a book, asking you to read it. To read it just go into your items menu and press triangle. It's the story of a king and a woodcutter. The next day go to the Library and she'll ask you about the book and which character you liked best.

Option 1: "King."
Option 2: "Woodcutter."

Pick option 2.