Mineral Town Map

1. Your Farm – This is your farmland pretty self explanatory.

2. Poultry Farm – This is the poultry farm where Popuri, Rick, and Lillia live.  Come here if you want to buy chickens.

3. Yodel Ranch – This is the ranch where Barely and May live. Come here if you want to purchase a cow or sheep. Also you come here to get your horse as well.

4. The Carpenters – This is where Gotz the carpenters lives and runs his shop.   If you need a housing or barn upgrade, come here.   You can also find Louis the bee man here as well.

5. Hot Springs – Feeling fatigued and need to relax, come here and take a soak in the springs to help raise your stamina. Also If you toss some produce in behind the waterfall, you might be able to meet the Harvest Goddess and have her grant you a wish.

6. Winter Mine – This mine is only available in the winter, make sure you check it out for some valuable ores!

7. Flower field - This is where a ton of wild flowers grow, on Mondays you can find Basil, Anna, and Mary up here in the mornings.

8. Mother’s Hill Summit– This is the top of the mountain.  Nothing’s really up here unless it’s a special festival like moon viewing or the news one.

9. Blacksmith’s Shop – This is where you can go to upgrade your tools, just make sure you have the right ore when you go. Saibara and Gray can be found here.

10. Aja Winery – This is the winery run by Manna and Duke.  You can come here to buy wine and grape juice. Also during the first fall, you can help pick grapes from the vines to make some extra cash.

11. The Library – This is the library, come here if you want to learn more about the town how to do something.  You can find Mary here, and the building next door to it is where her family lives.

12. Ellen’s House – This is where Ellen, Elli’s grandma, lives with Stu.

13. Mayor Thomas’ House - This is where you can find the Mayor, Harris, and Kano most days.

14. The Supermarket – This is where Jeff works and Karen and Sasha live. Come here if you need cooking ingredients, seed, or if you just want to upgrade your rucksack.

15. Mineral Clinic – This is where you can go if you’re not feeling well, or if you collapse. You can find the Doctor and Elli here.

16. The Inn – Come here if you want to use the telephone for purchasing items from TV Shopping. Also at 7pm you can find most of the men in the village coming here for a drink at the bar. Ann, Doug, Gray, Cliff, and Kai will live here.

17. Church – This is the local church, most days you can find Carter, the priest, Cliff, May and Stu here. 

18. Harvest Sprite Hut - Behind the Church is the Sprite’s Hut where you can hire them to help out on your farm, they don’t work during spring!

19. The Beach – Come here if you want to fish, grab a snow cone from Kai’s serf shack in the summer or just attend a festival.

20. Rose Square – This is where most of the festivals in the game are held.