Random Events

*Not complete! Rival Events are still being added*

There are various events that can happen in Back to Nature depending on your friendships and relationships. These events can happen randomly and on different days, seasons, etc.

Suspicious Salesman:

On spring 2, the moment you walk out of your house will be greeted by Harris, the police officer.  He tells you that a suspicious man in funny clothes with a briefcase and sunglasses has been wandering around the town and that if you see him to report to him immediately. 

Once Harris takes his leave, the mysterious man comes walking onto your farm and asks to rest.  Not really getting an option to tell him no, you can no go to Town Square to find Harris on patrol.  You’ll tell him about the man and he’ll instantly walk off.  Just as he leaves the same man will come waltzing into the square.

This time go towards Gotz’s cabin where you’ll find Harris just as Won, the mysterious man in question. Shows up.

Getting a Horse:

To get your horse for the game simply walk down to Yodel Ranch during your first week or two.  A cutscene with May and Barely will take place where they’re talking about a pony that isn’t very spirited.  May will enthusiastically offer to take care of it but Barely tells her it’s going to be too much for her.   Just then you walk in and can either save the day or ruin it.  If you want the horse, for the horse racing in the second year you should take it.  If you don’t plan on caring for it then you should probably leave.

Standing Up:

If you want to have a fun little scene on the day of the Goddess Festival, if you have a date, leave the farm without her.  Once you get to the square go tell the mayor you’re ready to start.  Just as he’s about to announce it he realizes one of the girls is missing! 

Your date will then come running into the square, apologizing to everyone for being late.  They’ll normally then walk over to you and say something.


This event will continue to happen throughout the game if you refuse to buy the 500g apple from Won.






Do You Remember:

If you walk down past the church during spring, this event should play out with Rick and Karen.  They’ll be discussing about when Pastor Carter first came to the village. (Rick/Karen Rival Event #1)




You Cad:

This event will randomly trigger at the Poultry Farm.  Rick and Karen will be having a conversation about how Rick shouldn’t worry about Kai in Popuri’s life because he’s not a bad guy.  Rick will ultimately get mad and tell Karen to go hang out with him instead!  Karen gets upset and leaves.



Babies Are Cute:

This event will trigger when you walk into the Clinic.  It features Doctor and Elli having a conversation about how Elli would make a good mother.  However Elli see’s it has him telling her that she won’t work there in the future and gets mad. (Doctor/Elli Rival Event #1)



Take a Day Off:

This will trigger when you walk in the Clinic randomly.  It’s basically Elli coughing and the Doctor getting a little concerned for her health.  He tells he to take a day off if she’s not feeling well, his words ultimately make Elli extremely happy. (Doctor/Elli Rival Event #2)




Disagreeable Friends:

If you’re walking past the Poultry Farm during summer you might witness a minor disagreement between Kai, Popuri, and Rick.  Kai has an unsettling effect on Rick, and Rick isn’t shy about showing his feelings.  





I Want to Go Back to the City:

Entering the square a scene with Gray and Mary will play.  Basically Gray’s telling Mary about how he hates being stuck in Mineral Town and wants to go back to the city becuase he's a terrible blacksmith. 

Hearing his thoughts, Mary soon tells him that she used to think like that too, but then when she was here in town she started finding things that she never thought would.  With that she tells him that maybe; he might find what he’s looking for here as well before leaving.  (Gray/Mary Rival Event #1)

Ann’s Invitation:

In the start of summer if you’re good friends with Ann, you will get an invitation in the mail to her birthday party on the 17 at the Inn.  Then when the 17 rolls around head to the house between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. with a gift and you’ll be able to attend the party.

Fishing Rod:

Have an empty slot in your rucksack and head over to the beach around 7 p.m. 

You should run into Greg, the fisherman there on the edge of the pier.  Talk to him and you'll give you a free fishing rod.




Early Arrival:

During the final week of spring, if you run from your farm towards the town you might get a scene involving Popuri, May, and Kai.  Basically Kai’s come to town a little early and doesn’t want the two to make a big fuss about it.  He’ll introduce himself to you here if you see it – if not you’ll meet him in Summer.



Eggs For Ann:

Once you befriend Ann a little and you have three chickens Ann will stop by your house in the morning giving you a “business” proposition.  She wants you to deliver three eggs for a few days so she can work on her cooking.  If you agree to do it you’ll make her happy, but don’t forget to get those eggs to the inn by 5 p.m.



The White Flower - If you stop by Ellen’s house she’ll describe a mystical white flower.  According to legend, it blooms only in winter, on snowy nights. Few have seen the flower, but it’s said that anyone who does will live a happy life.

After speaking with Ellen, go to the peaks of Mother’s Hill on a snowy night.  You’ll find the white flower growing out of the snow.  Tell Ellen and Basil about your experience the next day and they’ll both be grateful.

Cliff in Trouble / Thoughts of Family – Visit Rose Square after 10 a.m., on a snowy day.  You’ll see Cliff pass out in the snow.  He’s then taken to the clinic for time to recover.  Check out the area where he fell and you’ll find a photograph.  Take it, and give it back to him when he’s feeling better.  Cliff will thank you for your help.

Cliff’s Goodbye - If you’ve failed to tell Cliff about the harvest at the Aja Winery back in the fall, he’ll leave the village on the 30th of winter.

Karen’s Dance / Shall We Dance – On the first day of spring, year two, Karen will stop by your farm between noon and 3 p.m., and ask you to practice with her for the spring dance that evening.  After learning the ropes from her you can see her at the festival and ask her to dance.

Fireworks with Kai – This happens on the 23rd of summer.  Speak to Kai the day before the Fireworks Festival and ask him to watch the fireworks with you.  When you go to meet up, Rick will ambush you both and go all out on his hatred for Kai. After Kai’s fight with Rick, you and Kai head up to Mother’s Hill to watch the fireworks together.  You won’t be able to enjoy them with the rest of the villagers, but this act of kindness goes a long way towards making Kai your friend.

Flashing Object – During winter, visit the church on a sunny day after 5 p.m., to encounter a mysterious flashing object.  This event happens during year 4 only!

Phony Gourmet – Between fall 6th and 9th, during year 5, Mineral Town will experience its very first crime spree!  Try to solve the bizarre case and return peace to the town.

Kai Says Goodbye – When fall 1st arrives, Kai will swing by your farm to inform you that the summer has ended and he’ll be heading back to the city. The Seaside Lodge is closed and won’t be open again till summer.

Dog Toy – One morning in fall Won will stop by your characters home.  Why?  Your puppy has officially grown up and will soon be able to participate in the annual Winter Dog Race. But to do well you need to train your dog first and to do that you need the dog ball.  It will cost you 100g and it’s well worth the cost. 

*To train your dog you simply have to play with it by tossing the ball and letting it return it (several times before the race – not just once).

Harvest Time – On the morning of the 14 of fall, Duke will pay you a surprise visit.  Apparently its harvest time at the winery and Duke and Manna would appreciate some extra help.  Accept it and then consider who might be willing to get a part-time job in the town.

You can waste time telling everyone about it, however, the person who will accept it is Cliff.   The harvest will last from the 15th to the 20th.  To take part be sure to show up at the winery before noon each day and talk to Manna.

* To make the most money you will need to gather 16 branches of grapes each day. If you have Cliff helping you this can get tricky.  He tends to walk down the middle row and stay there for the entire mini-game.  So if you want the most money you will have to run past him before he gets there to grab the grapes.

Asylum for Gray - Sometime during the first or second year, Gray will show up at your farm asking if he can use your mill to practice making tools on his own.  Let him.  He’ll take a few days, but during that time he may also weed your field in gratitude.  Several days later he’ll ask you to try out a hammer he made.  Unfortunately the hammer shatters and Mary persuades him to go home.

Extra Chickens – If you’ve upgraded your chicken coop and have only five chickens, Rick may stop by your farm to ask you to take care of five of the Poultry Farms, because Lillia is really sick and the shop has to be closed.  If you accept, he’ll give you a bunch of free chicken feed and the opportunity to sell any eggs they happen to lay.  After a few days, Rick will return and take them back.

Doug’s Sorrow / Memories – Go to Mother’s Hill on the 5th day of fall to find Doug at the peak looking out thinking about his wife who passed away long ago.

Corn for Kai – This happens in summer. If you’re growing corn you get the chance to interact with Kai when it’s time to harvest them (hopefully).  He’ll offer to buy some corn from you, accept his offer and retrieve the corn for him.  He’ll ask you how much you want for it.  The options are: 50g, 100g, or 200g.  The normal selling price is 100g, if you ask for 200g you won’t be making a new friend.  However, if you cut the price to 50g Kai will leave happy and you’ll be well on your way of making him your friend.

Missing May – Barely will stop by your farm one morning in a panic.  May has gone missing!  Help him by finding her. By finding May you’ll become better friend with: Barley, Mayor Thomas, Zack, and May.

*You do not have to search the village all day looking for her.  If you want to see people’s reactions to May feel free to.  However, May will appear on the pier at 6 p.m. even if you didn’t look for her.

A Favor for the Mayor – One morning, Mayor Thomas pays a visit telling you he’s going out of town, because of this he needs favor.  What is it you ask?  You have to go pick up a piece of apple pie from the Inn and deliver it to Ellen.  

To get the pie go to the Inn later during the day and Doug will give you the pie.   From there head to Ellen’s and deliver it by giving it to her.  She’ll thank you and even offer you a tip.  Turn it down, and Elli will show up with another piece of pie.  In gratitude, Elli will give you the second piece of pie.  You can eat it or save it for later, whichever you prefer.  The next day Thomas will swing by your farm and thank you for being so nice to girls the other day he’ll give you a cake.

Spring Tea Party – The Harvest sprites throw the Spring Tea Party at the beginning of every year.  It’s a season-long party and the Sprites are reluctant to miss out on the fun, so they won’t be eager to work on your farm for you.  Bring gifts to the sprites and you’ll soon be able to participate once a year. By participating you’ll be able to receive the rare Relax Tea Leaves.

* You must have the large rucksack to participate in the tea party – it will enable you to bring enough flour to give to all the sprites!  If you give some and then leave to get more, the party will be over by the time you get back.

Mayor Needs Ingredients - With the cooking festival coming up fast, Thomas will swing by your farm looking for three turnips. If you don’t have any right now you can grow some and still deliver them on the 21st

Once you have the three of them ready take them to the Mayor’s house and he’ll be grateful and even pay you for them.  This event helps you befriend Thomas.

Playtime – One day May and Barley will show up on your farm.  May is lonely any wants someone to play with.  You can suggest a place for her to go.  Point them to the Church; Pastor Carter will be glad to watch May.  He’ll also invite Stu to come as well, so May will finally get a playmate.  This event helps you befriend; Carter, May, and Barley.  

* After this event, the children will go there to play around 1 p.m. on a daily basis.

Perfume – If you have the bottle you fished out of the ocean visit Kai the day after the hurricane. He’ll ask you if you plan on staying or leaving the village.  Tell him you want to stay and he’ll fill up the bottle for you with some perfume.  

Fight at the Inn – Duke, Jeff, Rick, and Kai are involved in a fight. Duke argues that Kai comes to the village every summer to charm the ladies and children, and accuses him of being deceptive. Duke will ask you what you think about it.  You can answer that Kai is wrong, both guys are wrong, or you don’t know and don’t care. If you say Kai is wrong, no one will be happy except Duke. If you say both are wrong or that you don’t care everyone will be happy.

I Won’t Tell Anyone - One day, go to Church and you’ll happen to hear the Doctor's confession. Before he leaves you promise him you won't tell anyone.

Honey Bees – To get the bees to come, you have to grow flowers on your farm (1 box of seeds will do).  Once the flowers grow into full bloom and can be harvested the bees will come and make a hive.  To get some extra crash, be sure to give a jar of honey to Louis, the guy who lives with Gotz, and he’ll tell you your bees are rare! The price will go up an additional 10g (so 50g to 60 g).

The New Puppy - If you’re friend with Barley and you dog loves you a whole heck of a lot, Barley might swing by one day and ask if he can barrow your dog for awhile. Why?  His dog Hana is lonely, and he’d like your dog to keep her company.

Let him.  Then before you know it puppies will be born!  However, since Barley and May can’t take care of both pups and Hana, they’ll ask you to find a new home for at least one of the new puppies.  Out of the town there are only two people will take the puppy.  It can be either Stu or Harris.

*If you give it to Harris you will unlock another event.

Kappa – To see this guy you have to toss three cucumbers in the lake at the base of Mother’s Hill between 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. during spring, summer, or fall.  By tossing in three of them you will cause Kappa to appear and offer you a Mystic Berry.

* The Mystic Berry when you process it slows you accumulation of fatigue by 50 percent.  If you eat it, It will reduce your fatigue by 1 point.

A Little Toasty - One night go to the bar, if your friend with Duke you might see him completely drunk and passing out.  Your character will escort him home where you’re greeted with a grateful Manna as she scold Duke to no end in front of you.

Sunny Morning Nap – If you are married to Ann and it’s a sunny morning in spring you’ll be able to spot her taking a nap halfway up Mother’s Hill.

Stu’s Cricket – If you’re married to Elli, Stu will stop by in fall to give you a cricket to scare her.

Flowers Blooming – If you have more than 90 flowers blooming on your farm at one time, Anna will pay you a visit.  She asks if she can pick some and you want to tell her she can take as many as she wants. Afterwards she’ll give you a Power Berry.

The Big Tree – In the clearing before the Summit of Mother’s Hill there’s a rather large tree. If you start to chop it down, the tree will ask you not to.  If you decide to leave it be, it will give you a Power Berry

If you try to cut it down another time Gotz will be mad at you and before you know it you’ll wake up in the clinic. (This will happen every time)

Lost Love – If you’ve chosen to give Harris the Hana’s puppy, he’ll swing by your farm rather lat at night 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.  Once you let him in he’ll tell you about his lost love, Aja (Manna and Dukes daughter). After hearing the tale he’ll ask your opinion on him writing a love letter to her.  

A Hairy Creature - Up by Gotz’s home there seems to be a commotion.  Walking toward the group you hear them complain to Harris about some kind of hairy beast that’s been taking over the hot spring lately.  During the discussion, the beast turns out to be no more than a mere monkey.  (Not sure what year this happens, I do think it’s in winter though)

Something’s Missing – After you get the second house extension Won will pay you yet another business visit.  This time he’s trying to sell you a beautiful blue vase, which he insists will be the perfect finishing touch in your home.  The vase will cost you 1,000g if you want it.

* If you put a flower in the vase you won’t over sleep and it will raise your farmers’ happiness points.