Friends of Mineral Town

Friends of Mineral Town

Published by Natsume

Developed by Marvelous Interactive Inc.

Platform Gameboy Advanced

Official Website

Japan April 18, 2003 - North America November 17, 2003 - Europe March 26, 2004

In this game, it opens up with a young boy on a trip with his parents who thought it was a good idea to show their sun the country side. 

However during the trip he gets lost and is found by an old man wearing overalls. The man notices a phone number on the child’s bag and calls it to inform the parents that he has found their son.   When the parents get there they mention to the farmer about how they were trying to let their son see some of the country side.  The farmer then decides to let them stay on his farm so the child can get in touch with nature.  The parents agree.  Shortly after while playing the mountains you meet a young girl.

The two of you hit it off and become good friends.  When it comes time to leave the farm, the girl shows up just as your character is about to leave and has him promise her that he will return someday.

The Boy (you) promise and 10 years later the game begins with your character returning to the old mans’ farm which is now rundown and abandoned.

It’s then when Mayor Thomas comes onto the farm and begins to scold your character for trespassing, until he learns that you knew him.  Apparently the old man died 6 months ago and left his whole farm to the young boy from long ago.   You tell Thomas that you are the boy.  Thomas then gives you the farm and the game officially begins.


- 3 in game years to prove yourself to the villagers -
- Over 40 familiar characters to befriend - 
- Raise cows, sheep, chickens and more -
- Grow over 16 types of crops throughout the 4 seasons -
- Woo, date, marry, and raise a family with one of five eligible girls -
- Collect recipes from villagers, and then cook them -
- Ability to ask the harvest sprites to help you out with farm work -
- Link up to AWL to unlock cool recipes and secrets in both games -