HM Game Boy 2

HM Game Boy 2

Published by Natsume

Developed by Pack-In-Video

Platform Gameboy Color

Official Website

Japan August 6, 1999 - North America September 11, 2000 - Europe March 30, 2001

About The Game:

The second Harvest Moon game to be released for Game Boy color. Surprisingly, quite different from the first. Unlike the first, this game included a town and a mountain area, with plenty of villagers to interact with, although they didn’t really have much to say. Farming was a bit different as well, not only were you able to raise new crops and animals like sheep, melon's and asparagus, but the layout of the farm was arranged into different sections, one for farming, one for fishing, one for animal care, and so on. Also, this game featured the ability to link up with a friend in order to solve a puzzle.


- Restore your farm within 3 years of game play
- 15 friendly villagers to talk with
- Care for cows, sheep, chickens and a pet
- Over 8 types of crops to grow and sell
- Collect insects, fish and flowers for the local library reference books
- Build a bridge, sheep pen, hothouse and more
- Special hidden arcade games include mole bash and horse racing
- Link up to another HM: GBC2 pack or Legend of the Fishing King 2 pack