New Year's Festival
Spring 1st
You don't get this festival year one, just look at your clock, by the time you get to play it's Spring 2nd. It's held at the square and basically is just a town-wide drinking contest. As you talk to the villagers the two of you will drink. Once you pass out you go home and that's that. You can train for this by drinking throughout the year, if you buy the bottle from Rick at the Flower Festival you can drink free wine at the Vineyard.

Sowing Festival
Spring 8th
This festival is a continuation of a fall one where a Harvest King is picked. Again, this is held at the square. In this festival the King will choose one person to accompany them on a hot air balloon to drop seeds around the area and all the towns people are given a balloon which they will let fly as the hot air balloon goes up. The balloons have seeds in them as well.

Spring Horse Race
Spring 17th
The first horse race of the year. With a fully grown horse(ridable), you can enter. The festivities start quite early, and they will start without you so it'd be smart to go there first and then afterwards take care of your farm needs. That's only if you're interested of course. During the festival there are three races, and guess what, you can bet on which horse you think is going to win. But it's worth it if you know what you're doing, there are some pretty nice prizes. But you can't bet if you're racing.

Flower Festival
Spring 23rd
A festival of flowers! From the 19th to the 22nd you can go up into the square and vote for who you want to win, if you're not the Harvest King, don't bother picking the girl you're going for. If she wins she has to dance with him. But there's more to the flower festival then dancing and being voted Goddess, Popuri's parents will also be selling Pink Cat Flowers, those pink pretty ones. The sketchy guy in the back will be selling a power nut. He's a scammer, but buy this from him, it's worth it. Over on the other side you'll find Rick selling his empty bottle, get that too if you have the money, it turns out to be very useful.


Summer 1st
Tonight at 7pm, you can meet the girl you like to watch fireworks, if she likes you enough she'll come to your farm and ask you. Otherwise just go to her and talk.
Ann - Green Ranch
Popuri - Moon Mountain(all the way up the tree, towards the old couple "selling" dumplings)
Karen - Beach
Elli - Bakery
Maria - Town Square

Vegetable Festival
Summer 9th
If you still have a veggie from spring, great, bring it to this festival, if not, prepare for next year. But just because you can't enter one doesn't mean you can't be involved, you'll be a judge. You can go around "tasting" everyone's veggies and talking to villagers, but if you entered it might be best to stand by yours. The Judge will announce who won at the end of the festival.

Firefly Festival

Summer 17th
This festival is all about remembering the dead. Head to the beach around 7ish and talk to the towns people, save the mayor for last and then watch the lanterns float away.

Swimming Festival

Summer 25th
Go to the beach again! Today you can choose to race against the other guys of Flowerbud. If you win, you get a prize. You have to swim pretty fast, it takes some effort and a lot of button mashing.


Cow Festival
Fall 4th
You can enter your own cow in this contest. Then everyone will judge the cows. I’m guessing the cows are judged by their affection rate and milk quality. If you win your cow will produce gold milk.

Harvest Festival

Fall 12th
A festival all about food. Go there and see everyone sampling other villager’s food. When Elli comes out get a piece of cake from her. If the coin is inside of it you are that year’s harvest king. The festival ends with a dance.

Egg Festival

Fall 20th
Go into town and you can compete with other villagers in an egg hunt. When the mayor shows you an egg run around town and look for it. Return the egg to him. If you win then you can get some cool prizes.

Fall Horse Race

Fall 28th
Another horse race. This is second chance to win the race or score some more metals by betting.


Thanksgiving: - Winter 10th - Thanksgiving is a day for the girls to give cakes to men they like. If girls like you then try going around town and talking to them but if they REALLY like you then stay in the farm and they will stop by themselves.

Dog Race: - Winter 19th - Very similar to the horse races but its all about dogs. You can still win metals or enter your dog to win, but the prizes are different.

Starry Night: - Winter 24th - When night hits find your favorite girl. Check the girl’s page to see where they will be. At the church they will be performing. After that ask a girl to leave and spend time with her.

Spirit Festival: - Winter 27th - Go at night to town square and listen to some music by the harvest master and some villagers. If you are the harvest master then ask 3 people to play with you.

New Year's Eve: - Winter 30th - After the sun has set then go find the girl that you like. Check the girl’s page to see where they will be. After you enjoy some time with the villagers then you should go with the girl that you like up to the mountain top and enjoy the sun rise of the New Year together.