More Friends of Mineral Town

More Friends of Mineral Town

Published by Natsume

Developed by Marvelous Interactive

Platform Gameboy Advanced

Official Website

Japan December 12, 2003 - North America July 26, 2005 - Europe November 2004


It opens up with a girl living in an apartment in the city.  One day after work she comes home and realizes that she’s tired of doing the same things everyday and really wants to get away on a vacation.  Taking some time to relax she opens up the newspaper and finds and ad for a relaxing vacation in the country.  Taking up the offer she rushes over to the telephone and calls the ad in the paper.

A week later she arrives on an old rundown abandoned farm, confused about it she realizes it looks nothing like the picture she had seen.  Shortly after a man in a red top hat arrives on the seen and claims to be Mayor Thomas, the Mayor of Mineral Town.  He informs her that she had been tricked, and laughs in her face for a few moments.

The girl outraged, pulls out a hammer and beats Thomas over the head (you will have options to keep hitting him if you want xD).  Once your character calms down she informs Thomas that she sold her apartment in the city.  Feeling sorry for tricking her he tells her to try sticking it out and running the farm.  By choosing the option that agrees the game will begin.