Bachelors and Bachelorettes

Content provided by Kirika

Similar to AWL The Lost Valley gives us a total of three marriage candidates for each gender.  

Little is actually known about how the marriage system will work so please check back later for more detail once the game is released this fall.  For now feel free to read about your choices below. 

Gilbert: Humble and gentle, Gilbert is a wanderer at heart. His knowledge is deep and it will supposedly aid you in your quest to bring back the seasons.  



Tony: The eldest son of Brutus the Blacksmith, Tony is a talented young man who loves his dad, but struggles with his expectations. He is currently training to follow in his father's footsteps, but there is just one problem: He doesn’t want to be one.


April: She is introverted and painfully shy, April loves flowers, and wants to gather those that grow in the Lost Valley. Gentle, generous, and always good-natured she is the daughter of Iris.


Catherine: Is youngest bachelorette at 18 years, her personality can swing wildly between sweet and sour at a moment’s notice.  She has been raised like a princess, and believes she's superior to her peers. With a no-nonsense attitude, her cold shoulder has scared away any potential friends she may have made within the Lost Valley. 


Emily:  Always quick to smile, she is both very energetic and active. Emily is the unofficial cheerleader of the Lost Valley.  She's very straightforward, and loves working as a waitress, carrying on the family tradition. Hanna is her mother - she looks up to her very much, and is constantly trying her hardest to become a great chef like her. Emily’s dream is to cheer up people with her delicious food.