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Content provided by Kirika

Starting on Jan. 27, 2015 Natsume has begun to release free DLC to the game, according to them they will release one thing every month until this April. DLC that has been released consists of new hairstyles, outfits, and insta-buildings.  

After downloading the DLC the next morning Catherine will pay you a visit and give you the one outfit free of charge. The others however will require wool on your part. To get the other outfits’ speak to Catherine while she is near your house or hanging out in Moon Valley.  For the insta-buildings you’ll get a visit from Doc first and then bring him the materials needed to put them to use.

In order to get the clothing DLC you must have the dresser in your house! Not sure how to get the dresser? Check out Doc’s shop info.  DLC varies between gender. 

*I am playing as a boy so I do not have information on the girls attire*

New Outfit Set 1

Set of a new outfit and hairstyle.

Western Boy
Very Short (Boy Hair)

Cost: FREE

New Outfit Set 2
Set of two new outfits.

Pink Button Down 

Dairy Farmer Boy

Cost: FREE


New Outfit Set 3

A new outfit will be for sale

Cost: FREE


Building Set 1
Two new buildings will be added to Doc’s Shop.

Cost: FREE


Building Set 2
8 New kinds of walls will be added to Doc’s Shop.

Cost: FREE


Crop Set 1
New crops will be added to Sam’s shop.  You’ll also learn new recipes.

Cost: $0.99


Crop Set 2
New kinds of flowers will be added to Iris’s shop. 

Cost: FREE


New Male Character 1

A marriageable male character will come to town. (Luke)

Cost: $1.49


New Female Character 1

A marriageable female character will come to town. (Angela)

Cost: $1.49