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Just like any game TLV has some base villagers that make up the town. Each villager has their own story and reasons for being in the Lost Valley.

As you play through you will get to know them better but for starters here are their basics. 

Brutus: Is an immigrant to the Lost Valley. He is the local blacksmith who came to live there with his two sons. He's searching for a rare ore and is a man of few words.



Hanna: A little careless with her words and actions, Hanna has a big heart, and plenty of love for all her customers. She’s a middle-aged woman, that’s comfortably settled into the slower-paced lifestyle of the Lost Valley. she runs the restaurant in town.  Her daughter is Emily.


Iris: The calm, unflappable mother figure in the game. She’s lived a peaceful, rural life since she was born.  She and her husband run a floral shop outside The Lost Valley. Her daughter is April.


Jimmy: He worships his father, and wants to follow in his large footsteps. He's already started training to become a master blacksmith, and will do anything to become as good as his father at shaping metal and creating tools. Much like his father, he's not good at discussing feelings and is terrible at arguing. His father is Brutus and his brother is Tony.


Naomi: Is the journalist in town. She came to the Lost Valley for some down time, and to recover after losing her 2 year-old daughter.



Sally: A young girl that tries to be strong, and thinks she can take care of herself without anybody's help. She was raised by her grandmother after she was orphaned as an infant. While she tries to hide it she secretly yearns to know more about where she truly comes from.


Sam: He’s a bit of a trickster and may seem fishy at first, but underneath his rough exterior, he's got a more tender heart than you might imagine. He's his family's sole provider, always thinking about how to make his wife and daughter happy.