Here is the list of all the elegiable girls in HM: The Tale of Two Towns. 

Name: Laney 

Town: Bluebell 

Birthday: Summer 23

Bio: Laney is a happy girl who's always smiling and never letting the bad weather get the best of her. She is Howards daughter and is normally found helping him out in the Cafe.

Name: Georgia 

Town: Bluebell 

Birthday: Spring 4 

Bio: Georgia is your typical rancher.  She loves to be outside and is often fretting about how the horses at her dad’s shop are doing. 

Name: Reina

Town: Konohana

Birthday: Winter 27 

Bio: Reina is the local botanist in Konohana.  She lives at the orchard with her father, Mako. She loves being around plants whether it’s in her house or out in the mountains.  Over all she’s a serious girls who’s always claiming that she doesn’t have time to talk with you.  

Name: Nori

Town: Konohana

Birthday: Spring 27

Bio: Is Gombe’s granddaughter who helps him out in the Konohana seed shop.  Overall she is a kind and gentle girl who is always looking out for anyone who really needs help.  She also has a bit of talent when it comes to sewing! 

If you raise her friendship level she might even consider making you some new clothes to wear!

Name: Oracle 

Town: Mountains

Birthday: Winter 30 

Bio: The Oracle, as she's called in the game, is a strange young woman who spends her days practicing her alchemy.

You can unlock her during the second year of the game by going up to her shrine after 8 p.m.

Name: Alisa

Town: Bluebell

Birthday: Winter17 

Bio: Just like all the other games she been in such as IoH and SI, Alisa is Bluebell’s personal nun who lives over at Town Hall. 

Seeing how she is a special marriageable candidate, for the first time ever, she won’t be in the game until after you make it through your first year and have Priest Nathan with a total of 2 white flowers!