Bluebell Villagers

Cheryl is the little happy go lucky girl in Bluebell. She’s  the daughter of  Jessica and Ash’s little sister.   


Jessica owns the animal ranch in Bluebell, called Jessica’s Livestock, where you can purchase animals from as well as the animal’s products like medicine, fodder and miracle potions.


Howard is simply well… Howard.  He loves anything cute and runs his own café in the town.  Did I mention he does his own make-up?


Grady is Georgia’s father who runs the Animal store where you can buy pets and rent horses.  He’s a nice guy over all and occasionally will ask you if he needs to lose some weight.


Rutger is the mayor of the fairytale town of Bluebell.



Eileen is the local carpenter in Bluebell.  She seems to be a bit dull and run down at first but at the same time sine her business sign is the only one without hours it almost makes you believe she really doesn’t get much business at all.


Diego is Rual’s brother who works over in Bluebell.   He’s much like his brother and sells flour as well as accessories like the umbrella. 


 Rose lives over at Town Hall.  She's a cheery old women like most older hm ladies.