Konohana Villagers

Ayame is the local doctor in Konohana. She’s currently training the young Hiro or Chihiro everything she knows about being a doctor.  Though she claims her services really aren’t need in the town at all.


Gombe owns and runs the only seed store in Konohana.  He lives with his granddaughter Nori and seems to have an interest in insects with all his bug requests. As he says, “Gotta catch’em all!”


Ina is the feisty Konohana mayor who simply loves her town with a passion and can’t imagine a better place to live.  She lives at Town Hall with her son Rahi.



Mako runs the orchards in Konoahana though he really doesn’t do much of anything since you buy all the seeds from Gombe.  He does put in a few requests from time to time though.  He’s Reina’s dad.


Rahi is the mayors one and only son.  Unlike most children his age he’s somewhat serious and doesn’t do anything to really get into any kind of trouble.  You can normally find him play with Ying somewhere in the village.


Ying is a bit of a fragile girl with weak health.  Because of her health her parents sent her to live in the country with her grandmother Yun.



Yun is the  elderly woman who runs the local tea house in Konohana.  She lives in the back with her granddaughter Ying.



Sheng is the crazy panda loving blacksmith who can upgrade anything you want as long as you have the materials.



Raul runs the general shop in the village where you can find anything made from rice.