Part of the fun in this game is to take on the various requests on the request boards in the towns.  The requests, depending on which ones you take will change every day and they can range from fishing with your hands to collecting rare bugs or plants for one of the villagers.

Seeing how no request is the same you can expect different rewards after you’ve completed them and reported back to the requester.


When viewing a request, the information will come on the top of the DS screen.  It will say who is requesting it and what you have to do as well as what town the person is from. It will also have a ranking on the top lefthand corner where it will rate how hard this request is.  The one in the screenshot is Rank D, which means it's really easy and you have nothing to fear. 


By doing a request not only do you get free items for taking the time to do the request and compelteing it but you also will increase your relationship with the villager who requested for help.