What would a Harvest Moon RPG be without farming?! It wouldn't be, that's what! Now, farming is perhaps the riskiest way to make money. 

After you've bought your land from the City Hall, the land is yours. House, farm, land, and all.

To farm, it's very simple; you plant your crops, then tend to them via RP posts. You RP plant them, then RP tend to them. Yes, you must RP plant AND tend to EVERY plant that you have; so if you have three bags of turnip seeds, you need to, in your post, tend to every one of those three bags of seed!

HOWEVER! IF you don't tend to them for more than four days, they die. If your plants die, you're out of luck!

BUT, if you keep good watch over your plants, then they'll grow big and tall and strong, and you can harvest them, then take them to the Shipping Bin in the Village Square to make a nice profit! 

Farmers are also said to be VERY friendly with the Harvest Sprites. It's said that if something happens to a farmer, and they're unable to tend their crops, Harvest Sprites will take care of them for them...

So, let's get a breakdown of farming, shall we? 

1.) Buy your land, and it's YOURS.
2.) RP plant some crops, and tend to them; if you don't tend to them every 4 days, they'll die! You must tend to EVERYONE of your crops; those left unattended for 4 days will die!
3.) If you're unable to log onto the internet for an extended period of time, POST in the Harvest Sprites topic; give us the dates of when you won't be able to log online, and the Harvest Sprites will take care of your crops for you!
4.) Once you've harvested your crops, take them to the Shipping Bin in the Village Square, where you'll receive your money.
5.) Farmers get to keep 100% of their profit, if all goes well!