Foraging, Mining, and Fishing

Perhaps the easiest way to make money, you can either mine, fish, or forage and sell what you find. You can forage in the Dehap Forest. You can mine in the Tounjou Mountains, or you can fish in either the Dehap Forest or the Village Pier- NOT BOTH!

Each task-foraging, fishing, or mining- will net you 10g a day by itself. 

If you do all three tasks in one day, you'll get 30g a day.

If you do all three tasks everyday for a week, you'll get 210g a week.

But! You cannot simply just find things and profit off of them, you must take them to the Shipping Bin in the Village Square. 

So, I'll break it down for you, so there's no confusion;

1. Post in the mining topic, the foraging topic, and one of the fishing topics.
2. Make sure these posts aren't stupid and have a little bit of depth to them.
3. Go to the Village Square, and drop your stuff in the Shipping Bin.

Simple, yes?