Heart Rates

Just like any Harvest Moon game your character will be able to interact with others and raise their affection accordingly.  Here at HMMeadow we have a total of 10 different heart rates. All of them have been listed conveniently down below as well as in the profile template. 

when going through the rpg please try and keep your affection realistic.  If you just met someone you aren't going to put them at blue for your first encounter.  Take you time getting to know them. ^^ Trust me it'll be more fun that way. 

Once both characters are at a red heart they may be married. 

Where do these hearts go? when posting these, you want to put them in a reply to your character profile.  
That is the ONLY post you should have in your character profile. 

If you want to talk about your characters affections or how their day went please post a In Character (IC) journal in Profile Prose!

-Heart Rates-

Black - Black is hate. Do you hate someone? Did they do something to irk you really badly? Put them here, then.
Grey - Grey is minor annoyance. You don't hate this person, but you don't like them, either.
White - White is the default color; this is where people first go. You don't really know the person well.
Purple - You're friends with this person, you like to chat with them.
Blue - Your good friends, you like spending time with them.
Green - Your pretty tight with this person.
Orange - This person is one of your nearest and dearest friends; they're like family. All family members go here. For love, You have a small crush on this person, nothing major...
Yellow - You have a slightly bigger crush on this person.
Pink - Oh my. You and this person have been dating, and you are quite smitten with them. What fun!