How to role-play

So, you're new to RPs and have NO idea how to RP? If so, maybe this topic can help you a little bit!

RP stands for role playing; to RP, you create a character, then you...well, you role play with them. You make your profile so we all know about your character, then you're good to go.

"But," you may ask, "HOW do I RP?"

Very simple. RPing is like a story; you type it out as if it were a story. 

For example, if you were RPing with a friend of yours, it might go something like this:

Bob walked over to Jane, and sat down in the empty chair next to her. "How are you doing today, Jane?" He asked, smiling brightly at her. 

Notice, then, that all actions were typed out, written in 3rd person. All RPing is done in the 3rd person; and all talking was done with quotation marks around it. 

Now, if you want to show your character thinking, there are two easy ways to do this. 

You could use italics, or use a word to designate the thought was, in fact, a thought. For example...

"Jane is looking really nice today..." Bob thought to himself, grinning a bit.

Or, you could do something like this...

Jane is looking really nice today... Bob grinned a bit.