Marriage, Weddings, and Kids.


Think you’re ready to walk down that aisle? Well slow down tiger! 

Try not to rush your rp experience. If you have a set love interest for your character that’s fine, however just take things slow. After all if you move too fast it takes out the fun of really letting your characters build up a good relationship with each other. Have them really get to know one another by having them talk about themselves through a variety of rp posts or have them play through at least a few rpg years.  

Rushing takes out some of the fun and might also put your characters happiness at stake if you married the wrong person. 

Also proposing to that special someone can be done with two objects one could be the traditional blue feather or a ring.  The choice is yours. 

The Wedding?

Okay so your character made the big leap from being in love to being married.  Well almost if the girl or guy has said yes to you then the next thing to do would to be plan the wedding.  Whether you want a big wedding or a small private wedding is all up to you and your partner.  Feel free to make your own topics for the event and send out invites if you want to. 

If you choose a big wedding you could invite the whole village and make it the event of the century and exchange vows and rings with an attentive and familiar audience. 

If you want a small wedding feel free to invite the people closest to your characters and have a good time with lots of wedding cake leftovers. 


Thinking about starting your own family here in Conamu? Well if you are make sure you realize that once you’re married in Conamu you can’t be with child the next day.  Remember just like relationships take it slow, after all supporting your new husband or wife is going to take some getting used to.  

After being married for two full seasons(60 days) you can conceive a child.  After five seasons(160 days) of being with child your wife can give birth to the newest addition to Conamu village.  

Your new baby will stay an infant for about 3 weeks before you can age it to a toddler. (You can choose when you age your child again however once it hits 5 years old the child should age accordingly to the new rpg years.) 

((Note: for the child information feel free to discuss it if you don’t think it should be 5 seasons before birth. I was just trying to go with the hm game periods ))