Owning a Shop

So, you want to run a shop, eh? There are a few thins you should know.

Firstly, you must know that it takes money to make money. Every week, your shop will generate 300g.

"300g?!" you may think. "That's hardly more than foraging or mining or fishing!"

Ah, one simple, magical, word to ease your worries: Commission. 

Shopkeepers keep 100% of their profit. So, if you sell...let's say 500g in a week, that money is yours

If you run a shop, you can also hire employees, as well. Employees, like shopkeepers, make a weekly salaray; however, what they make is ENTIRELY up to the employer and employee. 

So, let's break it down, shall we? 

1.) Each week, you make 300g. 
2.) Shops do, however, keep 100% of their profit that they make. So say you manage to somehow sell 1,000g worth of goods in a week- then you would make a profit of 1,300g for that week.
3.) Shopkeepers can also employ people, if they choose. Employees make a set pay per week, so long as they work! The amount an employee makes is entirely up to the employer and employee. 
4.) Shops can be a lot of work, but can also make you a lot of money.